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A custom training to develop your skills

COMPASS CONSULTING® and its professional trainers bring you their expertise to support your employees in learning new skills. Thanks to our enriched training catalog (risk management, business development, management, communication), we can answer to your needs with efficiency.


We support you in achieving your goals

Our coaching is a tailored approach and a process facilitation, which allows the trainee to obtain concrete and measurable results in his/her one’s professional environment. We offer several types of coaching that will encounter your expectations : team management, project management and business goals, decision making, personal development…

Security and
safety services

High quality services and advice in safety and security

In 2014, COMPASS CONSULTING®, created Compass Security to provide businesses and state actors in the Safety and Security sectors. Our multi-service approach complementarity leverages expertise (IT, military and civil) and brings you concrete, effective solutions for all of your safety and security needs.


Improve your strategies effectiveness

The great diversity of present challenges in our economy requires a constant renewal of strategies and skills into companies. We will work to rationalize your strategies, promote cohesion, improve organizational performance and increase operational efficiency.

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